About Nelladet

“Nelladet. That’s a different name,” is always the first thing I get when introducing myself to someone. Comments like these usually follow, “Who gave you that terrible name?” “Were your parents hippies?” or “I’ve never heard it before. That’s a pretty name.” Yes, people either love it or feel sorry for me. Always the conversation will continue to, “There must be a story behind your name.” Usually I quip, “It’s my father’s name spelled backwards. Yes, I was the first born and, no, I was not a boy.” But that’s not the entire real story. Perhaps one day I will blog about it. But, for now, I like my name. There are no other Nelladet’s that I can find; I have googled. So, like Cher, do I need a last name?

With creative parents, how could I not be a creative child? While in fourth grade I thought it would be brilliant to write, design, costume, direct, and perform an original musical for my classmates and parents. Mrs. Johnson, my teacher, encouraged the project with enthusiasm. With the help of classmates, we painted great backgrounds made from refrigerator cardboard boxes and scrounged what we could for costumes. My musical consisted of three acts—I didn’t know there were only two acts to a musical then. I recruited classmates to play the parts and we rehearsed during free time and recess. Finally performance day came. Parents arrived and there, in our little classroom, my first musical creation was born. Since that day, my fingers have always been in an artsy pot of something—a studio, a stadium show, theater, or TV. And now, stay tuned for my latest adventure, “Can’t is Merely a Contraction for Can Try,” a new short inspirational book due out in April.

Having a finger in the “art” pot isn’t my only love. I love to learn. It’s evident from all the course work I have pursued over my 20 years as an educator. Just the sight of a little child makes me smile—maybe that’s why my degree from Weber State University is in Elementary Education. However, most of my work in education has been with teenagers. Yes, those zitty, moping, awkward, social units full of learning, questions, exploration, and rebellion, as most people would categorize them. But, I think they are just learning how to become adults in this crazy world the best way they know how. I love spending time with them. Whether it has been finding an awesome CSI type of internship so a student can explore a career field (finding blood splatters under a special kind of light is cool) or screaming from the orchestra pit with baton in hand to a group of high school actors performing in their senior musical, or speaking to a group of teens, they are my favorite human beings on the planet.

Seeing how teens communicate via technology, I didn’t want to be left behind so at 48 I graduated with an M.Ed in Instructional Design and Educational Technology from the University of Utah. I think I am the only mom who buys techie magazines from the airport news stand to read while flying off to somewhere interesting. And, oh yes, I do love to travel.

I will be blogging about my loves and probably a few other things too. People are important to me and fill my life with richness. So connect with me via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or just subscribe to my email. It will be a great adventure to associate with some new, great and interesting people.

P.S. Did I tell you my quest in life has also taken me on the breast cancer survivor journey? That’s another whole story. Life is definitely a laboratory for learning.

See you around the net or maybe just around the corner.

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